Walking before running

Anne Atkinson

So here are the images from the first serious shoot in this project. I thought it would be best to keep it as basic as possible. I should try walking before running. One light. One camera. One lens.

A golden rule of lighting is to have the direction of the light always coming from above, as this mimics sunlight. Used well, breaking the convention is never a bad thing.

With the winter months, I noticed that the only bare skin on show was the face and hands. And I was thinking, can you really tell that much about a person just from these body parts? Or do we make judgements or assumptions about a person not from the bare skin on show but from other factors like the clothes they are wearing?

Observing the faces and hands of passers-by too intently is going to get you into a lot of trouble very quickly. An artist on the other hand can take their time studying the human anatomy while they create their drawing or painting.

It is just a shame that my drawing and painting skills are non-existent. Which is why I need a camera to do the drawing for me.

Before I knew it our session was up.

This is the second time I have shot in a studio. The first was part of a training course but that must have been over ten years ago.

To some photographers a studio is a blank canvas in which they can have full control of the light. I’m not so sure it is for me, it just feels a bit sterile. I quite like working with natural light and real surroundings.

With thanks to Anne and Studio 60 for the facilities.