Preparing for my shoot

When I started this site I thought it was going to be plain sailing publishing to the internet pictures I would be taking in my spare time. How wrong it turned out to be. I had not planned to spend most of the time looking for studio space to work in or sitters to appear in the pictures.

It has been a crash course in all the logistics. Sorting out model release forms and public liability insurance is a modern-day curse with every other advert on daytime television being a no win, no fee legal firm.

Arranging even the simplest of shoots takes some effort. I do now appreciate how much work needs to be carried out by other photographers for their more complex shoots. Just finding the right extra people, good at what they do and reliable, is a full-time job in itself.

Sometimes when you look at a picture, you forget how much preparation is needed before the shutter button is pressed. The best in the business make it look so easy. Probably explains why they are the best in the business.

I’m sure it will get easier over time as I build up good contacts. It has been fun getting out of my usual routine. Preparing for my shoot, all I have to do now is to check that all the kit is working, batteries are charged and then I’m ready to start shooting.