What is this site all about?

Well, as a full-time photographer being paid by clients to take the images that they require means that you take pictures that please the client.

Very rarely do you end up with images that both please you artistically and match the client’s brief. Especially so in corporate work.

So this site is about the journey I’m taking in getting pictures that please me. Hopefully the pictures may please you too.

How did I get into photography?

My first memory of having a camera round my neck was when I was eight years old setting off the metal detector at Heathrow Airport while on the way to a family holiday. It was a long time ago and in those days film and processing weren’t cheap, so I’m not sure if I even used the camera on that holiday.

Fast forward a few years and I remember with excitement going to the local chemist to pick up a processed roll of colour film that I had shot. To my disappointment it was totally black. I had no idea how to rewind the film in that same camera I had round my neck when I was eight. So to get the film back in the canister I opened the back of the camera in broad daylight to wind it back. The shopkeeper at the chemist took pity on me and didn’t charge me for my mistake.

As I took more pictures I learnt from each one. The technology may have changed but I’m still learning from each press of the shutter.


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