Rachel McCarthy

WARNING Contains images of a nude life model

© Rachel McCarthy

It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to have my first nude photo shoot with Rachel McCarthy of the Register of Artists’ Models. Having read her interview in the 2012 Metro article it would have been a real coup to have Rachel as my first sitter. When she accepted my request it was really good news.

Creating images that maintained Rachel’s modesty without destroying the essence of being a life model was certainly a challenge. The poses I wanted to achieve would be natural, not forced or over-exaggerated. Getting a different type of image from the norm would be a bonus.

When the day was set in my diary, I began planning the technical aspects of the shoot. What I wanted to concentrate on was the position of Rachel’s body in the picture rather than the lighting set-up. There was a big debate in my head whether or not to bring any lights.

On the day itself I decided not to bring any lights and I was lucky enough that there was plenty of natural daylight at the location of the shoot. I did bring a tripod but stopped using it early on in the shoot as I kept losing wonderful natural moments.

I’m really glad that Rachel gave me the opportunity to work with her. The work she has done to dispel the myths of life modelling and for the Register of Artists’ Models is truly impressive. It is sad to hear some of the shocking stories of people out there taking advantage or their lack of duty of care. They may be a minority but in an ideal world they would be non-existent. Without Rachel and her colleagues the art world, indeed the rest of the world, would be a much poorer place.

With thanks to Rachel McCarthy.