Working 9 to 5

She rested on the seventh day© Patrick Photos

Apologies for the lack of new posts in the last few weeks. The trouble with working 9 to 5 and with life’s little tasks means that the only realistic day of working on this project is a Sunday. And not everybody wants to work on a Sunday. But over the last few days I have been trying hard to set up some shoots which fingers crossed will come together.

In my research for both locations and people to work with I have found the good and bad of the electronically connected world we live in.

The good is the number of connections you can make just by searching on the internet. Finding locations and people you never knew existed is the wonderful and exciting side of this project. Whether they are in my price range is a different matter…

The dark side is that there are people who take advantage of these connections in an unscrupulous manner. To be stung by one of these people must make you lose trust in anyone else you come across.

There is the phrase “man with camera” in which the bloke has questionable photographic skills and just wants to ogle at women. And I have to admit that from first impressions, this site does come across as a bit “man with camera”. For various reasons, for the time being, I would like to remain anonymous.

The first is that I do not want to link the work created here in a personal capacity to the work I create for my employer.

I also feel that remaining anonymous allows me to free my imagination from the fear of being ridiculed by my peers for trying things that I would not normally try.

This project allows me to experience a new way of working without the pressure of making mistakes. Mistakes which I won’t be sharing on this site. So apologies in advance if some of the next few shoots don’t come out as well as I hope and have to end up on the cutting room floor.