In my previous post I was saying how similar the David Lynch Nudes and Ralph Gibson Nude books were. When I wrote the post, I didn’t question why this would be. Looking around, it is not just these books that the “language” used in them is near identical but you can also be easily find similar elsewhere.

Near the shelf where the David Lynch book was sitting was this tutorial book.

The book is page after page of young (white) women in passive, some may argue, sexually provocative poses.

I don’t have a problem with photographers choosing to create this style of work. It is their prerogative after all, but what is new or fresh about producing such work? Is it a real lack of imagination. Maybe, but it does give an insight into the heads of these photographers. Or their fantasies.

So what is this art saying? Is it just a pretty picture? Art, to me, is meant to give intellectual stimulation and not just visual stimulation. Just because it is aesthetically pleasing doesn’t make it great art. Great advertising yes, but great art, no. I just can’t figure out why this type of imagery is so prevalent.

Like I said, I have no problem with people choosing to express their creativity in this way. There must be a different way of doing things as this isn’t what I am about.