Scouting For Girls: Fashion’s Darkest Secret

Sky is starting a documentary series today about the fashion industry and the treatment of models called “Scouting For Girls: Fashion’s Darkest Secret“.

Sky News did a story about this programme earlier this week.

It is no big surprise that following all the stories on the treatment of women in the entertainment world that there wasn’t going to be similar stories from the world of fashion.

The women might not get any justice in legal terms but at least we get to hear their side of the story. Hopefully this will prevent others in the future having similar experiences.

27 June 2022 PBS recently uploaded to YouTube their documentary on Harvey Weinstein that was first broadcast in March 2018.

After watching this and the first episode of Scouting For Girls: Fashion’s Darkest Secret, my main thought is how both industries took their time to do something about what was going on. Question is have these industries cleaned up their act? My gut feeling is that there is more to do.