Next steps

Book event attended by author Tessa de Loo, 2003.Tessa de Loo

There is a saying in business that time is money. With a sitter on a high profile corporate portrait shoot you often don’t have time to set up elaborate lighting and in the worse case you have only minutes or even seconds to take the picture. It takes skill and experience to get what the client needs in the time you have.

With time not being an issue and no client to please for this personal project, the constraints are no longer there. But there are new logistical challenges and finding sitters is going to be key to the success of this work. The option of asking friends and family is an obvious choice. But what happens to that relationship if they don’t like the result while I think it is the best image I have taken to date?

My other hurdle is finding locations to shoot at. Hiring a studio could be the answer, in which case this is going to get quite expensive. As I won’t be making any money from this, is it worth it? Having a booked set time to get what I want may not be the most relaxing of experiences if I have to keep an eye on the clock.

One thing is for sure, I’m going to have to do a lot more research on this before I start posting any of the results.