Mr Paparazzo

Harry Potter film premiere

Standing on top of a ladder with other photographers in a very small section of central London pavement is always an interesting experience. I’m glad to say that it is not something I have to do on a regular basis.

Cherie Lunghi 2003

So why are these images in this post? Well, the first thing is that if you are lucky at one of these events and the organisers have set up lighting for the television cameras you can take advantage of some of the creative lighting in place.

In an assignment such as this, on a cold, wet street there is no way in which you can have the same control of your lighting as you could in a studio type shoot. Balancing on top of your purchase from the DIY store you don’t really have the time to think about the composition. Focus. Exposure. Eyes open. That is your primary concern before the moment is gone.

Helen Mirren 2003

And my second point? It is youth obsession in western culture. I came across this blog Mature models go home! in which I was surprised to read that there are photographers out there who are anti older models nearly to the point of it being a prejudice.

What is my opinion? You’ll have to look out for my next post to read that.

P.S. Never ever call a press photographer a paparazzo. A press photographer may have to sometimes cover celebrity events but they also do risk their lives covering stories the world needs to see. I would not lose any sleep if there were no longer any outlets publishing images taken from afar of well known people carrying out mundane day to day tasks.