First Women

I have been for sometime following the First Women project on social media and last week the exhibition opened at the Royal College of Art in Battersea. Today during my lunch break I managed to go down there to have a look around and also pick up the limited edition book.

The First Women project is a series of 100 photographic portraits taken by Anita Corbin. Each woman being a first in their field.

It is a great personal project by Anita Corbin taken over a 10 year period. I was amazed that each portrait was carried out in a two hour session. These busy women gaving up that amount of time shows how committed the sitters were to this project.

All of the images are great and would be unfair to pick a favourite on artistic merit as credit must be given to what the women have achieved. And even though these portraits depict one aspect of the women’s life their individuality does shine through in the pictures.

What I hope is that the next generation are inspired to follow the paths set by these 100 amazing women. It shouldn’t be unusual to see women in any industry they choose to be in.

First Women UK exhibition is on until 22 August 2018.