Creative risk


One of the reasons for starting this project was that this would be a safe place to try something different without having to answer to people who are paying my wages or saying they would prefer it their way. So have I been successful in taking the creative risk which I can not do in everyday life?

If I’m being honest, there is a lot of planning and effort put into each photo shoot and I don’t want to waste any of that by walking away with nothing. The problem with this thinking is that I end up with safe images. Photographs that I know will work rather than something completely different. There is a fear of failure.

Doing any experimental work carries the possibility that it doesn’t work out. Learning from that is the only way to expand my knowledge. Success can only happen if there is a chance that it could end up a flop.

I have the opportunity to take more chances in the photographs I’m taking for this project, so I really should make the most of it. I now make no apologies if some of the images I’m creating here aren’t perfect. If they are a flop, my next one could be that number one hit I’m looking for.