RP 2015 Annual Exhibition


Doesn’t seem like a year since I posted the 2014 Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries but it has come round again. I got the catalogue today and hope to pay a visit before it closes on 1 May 2015.

23 APRIL 2015 The reason why I love the RP 2015 Annual Exhibition is that it reminds me of how much effort and passion there is creating portraits around us. Seeing the works as the artist intended makes you search for small details you will miss viewing the work online or in print. There are also works on show which aren’t in the catalogue.

One of my favourites which isn’t in the catalogue is The Directors: A Portrait of Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, London, and Tom Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum, New York by Jennifer Anderson. Another is Paul by Sophie Ploeg.

During my visit I was sure Teri Anne Scoble was hanging round her excellent depiction of Lord Julian Fellowes. So not only do you see the art but may see the artist.

Do catch it if you can.