Ring of Light – Take 2

I had another go with the orbis Ringflash and I have to say I am very impressed with the way it spreads an even ring of light across the subject.

Felicity Lamb

This time around I decided to take the pictures much tighter than on my first attempt. So this time, I needed to make several minor adjustments to the equipment before getting the framing right.

Spending time fiddling to position equipment precisely isn’t the way that I’m used to working. You do need to take your time to get the best out of the equipment. There is definitely a different pace working in a studio which is a bit alien to me.

The equipment I am supplied with by my day job is the Canon brand and my personal equipment is the Nikon brand. As I spend very little time with my own gear, every now and again I forget which button to press.

With such tight framing it was important to get the right focus point and it took me a minute or two to figure out which dial it was to change it. During those few minutes I felt like a bit of a fraud calling myself a “professional” but let’s keep that between you and me.

With thanks to Felicity and N22 Portrait Studio for the facilities.