Maiden, Mother, Child & Crone


Through another one of the wonders of the Internet, it was drawn to my attention that the 2012 BP Portrait Award winner Aleah Chapin is having a show in London at Flowers Cork Street Gallery.

Having the ability to view Chapin’s work as the artist intended is very different from looking at her work in a publication or online. The sheer physical size of her work can really only be appreciated in person. It really isn’t the same peering at her work on a tiny screen or page in a book.

Called “Maiden, Mother, Child & Crone”, the six works on show work well together as a timeline to the life cycle – childbirth to childhood to old age. But each piece also stands up just as well on its own. Sophisticated, tender and beautiful are all words that can easily be used to describe these works. Stunning is the only way I can describe them.

There isn’t long if you do want to see them. The show ends on 8 November 2014.